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Residential Services

  • Home Program

    Home Program

    • Four (4) services are completed throughout the year, when pests are emerging.
    • Recommendations will be given to seal entry points that pests are entering home.
    • Guaranteed service throughout the year.
    • Broad range of pests covered under this program.
  • Mosquito


    • We offer a misting service that covers shaded areas such as under vegetation or by/on the home.
    • Services offered from May until October.
    • Emerge at night
    • Attracted to humans heat and carbon dioxide (what we breath out).
    • Usually in wet/shady areas.
    • People can react to mosquito bites.
  • Wasp/Hornet/Bees


    *** We do not harm Honey Bees ***

    • Covered for free under Home Program, or we can perform a one (1) time Single Service.
    • Season guarantee for each nest on Single Services
    • Covers Wasps, Hornets, Carpenter Bees, ect.
  • Fleas


    • Can be brought into home by people or pets from playing in yard.
    • Fleas are usually brought into yard by wild animals such as Squirrels, Raccoons, Skunks, ect.
    • Flea bites can cause irritation to skin to humans or pets.
    • 30 day guarantee as long as pet has been treated by a Veterinarian.
  • Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs

    • Fill out Bed Bug Request Form by clicking here
    • Not a guaranteed service

    Signs you may have bed bugs

    • Small blood stains on pillow cases, sheets or mattresses
    • Dots of reddish-black excrement on bedding, mattresses, furniture or walls
    • Bed bug casings (their shed skin) anywhere in your home
    • Small, itchy bumps that may look like mosquito bites
    • A sweet almond odor
    • Insects that are oblong, flat and brownish-red or white in color

    Common bed bug myths and possible pitfalls of “self-treatment”

    The likelihood of spreading them to another room or surrounding apartment
    Misapplication of pesticides can be dangerous and ineffective
    Using pesticides not labeled for bed bugs can be dangerous and ineffective
    Thinking that replacing your furniture or bedding will rid you of the problem
    Attempting to “move away” from the bed bugs; they will move with you

    How did I get bed bugs

    Possibly through a shared wall with a bed bug infested neighbor
    Bringing used furniture into your home
    House guests
    Or they may have been there before you moved in

    Battling bed bugs

    You may have heard that bed bugs are becoming an epidemic in the Chicago area and it’s true that they are a fast growing problem. So you many wonder what you can do to protect yourself. The answer is to become educated in bed bug habits and biology using reliable, authentic sources. Awareness can help you avoid an infestation. According to the National Pesticide Information Center (2013)

    By nature, bed bugs are stow-a-ways. They enter homes or apartments by hiding out in the cracks and crevices of luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes and other objects when they are moved between apartments, homes and hotels. Bed bugs hide during the day and typically feed at night. Since bed bugs feed on blood, their presence has little to do with the cleanliness of the home, although clutter can provide hiding spaces for bed bugs and make them difficult to treat. Bed bugs can survive for months without feeding, so they may be present in vacant, clean homes when new tenants unpack. Once bed bugs are established, they rapidly reproduce and spread from room to room. Bed bugs can be very difficult to control, even for trained professionals.

    Resource: National Pestcide Information Center. (2013, November 19).Understanding and controling bed bugs. Retrieved from

  • Ticks


    • Usually around Spring time
    • They are in shaded overgrown areas of your yard.
    • Can carry diseases such as Lyme disease
  • Termite Inspection

    Termite Inspection

    • Looking for Carpenter Ants, Powder Post Beetles, and Termites.
    • We give an FHA/VA report.
    • We will coordinate report to your schedule for your closing.